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moving to Canada

last updated 10/9/2020

My wife and I have started looking into moving to Canada from the USA. Our god-daughter was born in Vancouver, and a LARP friend lives in Thunder Bay, ON, and, you know, threatening to move to Canada is a thing American progressives tend to do every four years or so. But we're not looking into it purely in case Trump wins a second term in 2020. (Fun fact: a victory for Democrats would likely lead to fewer Americans seeking emigration to Canada, which would be helpful for us.) No, we're mostly doing it because of, like, mid-twenties ennui.

We've passed most of our rites of passage, and the next big milestones we see in our future are paying off school loans and adopting kids, both of which are at least ten years out on our current track. Compared to the four year cycles for middle, high, and post-secondary school, that's a long time, especially for something like paying off debt, which is hard to visualize. In the short term, we might want to read a book or finish an art project, and we want to be financially independent from our parents in the next year or so (they're paying our phone bills and part of our school loans), but we feel aimless without a clear five-year roadmap. Moving to Canada gives us that clarity, since they have clear financial and professional requirements to immigrate.

page created 10/9/2020